What Do We Do??


You may be wondering, "Well, this seems nice and all, but what is it exactly that Badge of Hope does?"  Glad you asked!!

Below are just some of the ways we help not only our local law enforcement community, but nation-wide as well.  Check 'em out!


 Badge of Hope ministers to local law enforcement in various ways such as...


  • Police Appreciation gifts/cards

  • Donations to scholarship programs

  • Lunch for officers on duty

  • Flowers and other acts of kindness to families of fallen officers, both on the job or personal

  • Cards to family members of officers who may be struggling with an illness, loss, or other type of hurtful circumstance

  • LE Marriage seminars (both locally and nation-wide)

  • Gift cards or other financial help to officers and their families who may be hurting financially 

  • Appreciation dinner or bar-b-q for local LE families

  • LE (in-home) counseling/peer support for couples

  • "Cops on Top" participant and contributor

  • Missouri Police Week Remembrance Service and Activities

  • Attend local in-the-line-of-duty funerals

Badge of Hope also ministers nationwide through various means such as...


  • Lives Behind the Badge Facebook page

  • Badge of Hope Ministries Facebook page

  • Multiple other online media sites for spouses of LE

  • LE Marriage Seminars

  • Serve on Board of Directors for Fellowship of Christian Peace Officers (FCPO)

  • Media interviews such as CNN, Breitbart News, Hardline - Newsmax, Larry Connors Live, Bott Radio, etc.

  • Speaking engagements

  • National Police Week ministry - handing out Bibles, tracts, listening to the hurting, etc.

  • Cards to departments of fallen officers nation-wide

  • Through Kristi's books: Under Fire: Marriage Through the Eyes of a Cop's Wife; Lives Behind the Badge; Standing Courageous, etc.