Start a Local Chapter

of Badge of Hope!

If there is no local chapter in your area and you would like to start one, how do you go about it? Better yet, why have one?

Life experiences and the Bible teach us there is strength in numbers. A chapter gives individual members the support and encouragement needed to be more effective in reaching the lost around them. It also provides a platform for sponsoring outreach events. Here's how to begin: 

  • First, pray for God to lead you to two or three Christian officers or if your a spouse, other spouses in your community (perhaps in other agencies) with a concern for the lost. Jesus said where two or three gather together in His name, there He will be also. We require at least two active or retired officers or spouses to form a chapter.

  • Set a regular time to meet to (1) begin praying for unsaved officers around you, and (2) to ask God to lead other Christian officers/spouses to become part of your prayer group.

  • At the same time, contact the National Home Office (using the form below) for information on how to start a chapter in your area. A Badge of Hope representative will contact you with the necessary information and materials.



Why have a chapter? Besides strength in numbers, a chapter provides continuity and official recognition by those around you. Most important of all, in an era of growing Christian persecution it makes members accountable to one another and helps them keep their commitment to be faithful witnesses for Jesus Christ.



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