January 9, 2015


Let's just be honest, marriage can be stressful at times.  Two people from two different backgrounds coming together to build one life.  Inevitably, there will be hiccups along the way.  Add to that mix the craziness of law enforcement life, and the stress level rises...

November 25, 2014


These days it is nothing new to wake up to yet another law enforcement officer being gunned down or dying in some type of accident while on duty.  Yet, death of a law enforcement officer occurs much more often than the headlines like to admit.  The death I'm talking a...

November 13, 2014


The year is finally complete for me even though we still have a month and a half left to go.

With conferences spanning from Florida to Maine to Texas and many states in between, we closed our 2014 travels with one final conference this past weekend in our own backyar...

October 14, 2014


I just read an article about a cop in Indiana being sued for sharing the gospel with a lady he had pulled over minutes before.  http://christiannews.net/2014/10/09/indiana-trooper-sued-for-sharing-gospel-at-traffic-stop/

The article reports that the officer had the a...

September 26, 2014


Last weekend I was desperately trying to find a printer in my house that would...well...print.

For the love of Pete, it seems like when you need something the most, that's when it decides to take out on you.

Two identical printers - both clunked out around the sa...

September 19, 2014

I just turned my porch light on again for the evening.  Its bluish hue casts a ghostly tint on my front porch and sidewalk, but I assure you, it is lit out of honor and respect.


To those unfamiliar with the routine, when an officer or officers are killed in the line of...

September 5, 2014

To all my sisters behind the badge who have recently found themselves standing alone....you are not forgotten.





Back in the 80s, there was a song that Bonnie Tyler sang asking, "Where have all the good men gone and where are all the gods?".   She was looking for a he...

August 27, 2014

If someone would have told me when I was a teenager that as an adult I'd learn a whole new language starting with the number 10; that my laundry would consist of darks - dark blue, dark black, and dark whatever, due to mud, grass and a whole host of unidentifiable stai...

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